Solar-Powered Bluetooth Beacon

Beco Beacons are the world’s first battery-free, solar-powered Bluetooth beacons. Engineered to work seamlessly with the Beco Mobile SDK, this powerful combination optimizes mobile positioning performance, micro-location data analytics, and mobile battery consumption.

  • Solar-powered without Batteries
  • Instant-On operation
  • Operates for up to 16 hours when lights are off
  • Miniature device (2.0” x 1.3” x 0.5”)
  • Encrypted iBeacon wireless payload communicates seamlessly with Beco Mobile SDK
  • Ships pre-programmed and ready to install
  • Self-reporting of health and device status
  • Onboard sensors for passive room occupancy detection
  • No Wi-Fi or Internet connection is required. All data is captured using nearby mobile devices.

Did we mention they're small?

Think of our sensors as a GPS satellite, but indoors. Beco beacons install in seconds by clipping to overhead light fixtures without batteries, wiring, or programming. Oh, and they’re small. Like matchbook-small.

Beco improves your workplace today, and future-proofs it for tomorrow.

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