Beco makes it easy to deliver mobile experiences and capture workplace analytics.

Real-time indoor location for mobile devices.

Real-time room level occupancy and location of mobile devices.

Long-term workplace analytics, including space utilization and team dynamics.

Works out-of-the-box without IT integration

Be up and running in hours, not days – completely independent of your corporate network.

How it works

Plug our Mobile SDK into your App to activate location-based services, real-time building occupancy and workplace analytics.

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Powering your Workplace

Leverage our real-time occupancy and location data to automate daily tasks and save time.

Workplace Analytics

Apps that run our Mobile SDK are continuously updating the Beco Cloud with anonymous space analytics data when in your buildings.

Data insights include:

Space utilization at single room resolution.

Collaborative events, including meeting size and teams in attendance (opt-in).

Path and dwell time, to understand actual workplace occupancy.

Beco is an open data platform.

Pull our analytics data into your existing CRE management software or use the Beco dashboard.


Solar Powered Beacons

Think of our sensors as a GPS satellite, but indoors. Beco beacons install in seconds by clipping to overhead light fixtures without batteries, wiring, or programming. Oh, and they’re small. Like matchbook-small.

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Privacy & Security

Beco is built from the ground up for enterprise.

No tracking

Beco is not a tracking company. Desk sensors, cameras, wi-fi, and similar tracking systems are one-sided and already face employee scrutiny and backlash. Beco is about enabling workplace experiences to the benefit of everyone.

Privacy Basics

We never collect Personally identifiable Information (PII), rather all mobile devices are assigned a randomly generated ID that can be changed as often as you like. Beco only works in your buildings, and even then, only in spaces our beacons are deployed.

Security Basics

Unlike conventional sensors, our beacons do not connect to the Internet, an Internet gateway, or your corporate network. Instead, we use mobile devices to crowdsource data from our beacons. As a cloud-based service, all data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

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